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Things you should know before applying:

}socos{ is a gaming clan. The clan meets on a dedicated server. We Chat using ICQ. We play the game Team Fortress Classic. We expect the members to stay loyal and be courteous of other members. If you are currently a member of another TFC clan, we prefer that you either quit the other clan, then join us or just don't join, we do not accept members that are currently with another clan, unless we have special arrangements.
The requirements are:

- You must own TFC, kinda obvious!!!!.
- You must own ICQ which you can get at
- You must be honest and trustworthy.
- You are not currently a member of another TFC clan.
- #1. You must have fun and wanna kick some ass in TFC.
If you decide you want to tryout, just e-mail me, Hydra_Slayer

Thanks for your interest in Team Socos!!

1.      We are looking for players that are dedicated and are willing to go the extra mile for the clan. If you can't handle this then don't join.

2.      To get better we need to practice, that's why we schedule practices, we try to schedule practices so that everyone can be there. Three       no  shows without informing the leader that you are not going to be there will automatically get you removed from Team }socos{.

3.      If you are trying out for the clan you must not miss any practices for at least 2 weeks

4.      If for some reason, you as a member, can't handle being in the clan or find that you just don't have enough time to contribute, then please       resign your spot, so we fill it with someone that has the time.

6.      If you have been selected to play in the match you must be on icq fifteen minutes prior to the match, if you are not on icq by then, you will      be replaced and not allowed to play in the match as first string you sit the bench, as you would call it

7.      All members who are not selected will be put on a standby list in order of priority (meaning those of you who show up for practice will be                 at  the top of the list and those of you who don't will be near the bottom of the list). You also have to be on icq no later than 15                 minutes to game time.

8.      Please take clan battles and practices seriously, but not to the point where you are not having fun.
9.       EVERYBODY must have ICQ in this clan, ICQ is the only way we can communicate outside of the battle grounds.

10.      Have Fun !!I

Kill ya later!

     Contact us at:   Hydra_slayer

In memory of Socos24